SWS1000 S-TIG welding machine

The welding technology of sws1000 high efficiency deep arc welding machine is a new method which can realize keyhole welding.It not only has the beautiful covering effect of ordinary TIG welding, but also has the characteristics of super penetration of plasma welding.

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High efficiency deep penetration welding technology is an automatic high-speed one-way full penetration welding technology. It does not need welding wire, groove and professional technical operators. However, it can perfectly weld materials with a thickness of 3-16mm (such as titanium alloy) at a speed 10 times faster than ordinary TIG welding technology(Note: only less than 3% of traditional welding material is needed to overcome undercut.The weld is 100% parent material layer without multiple fusion lines, which completely eliminates slag inclusion, porosity and common weld defects.The ripple free weld pool of high efficiency deep penetration arc welding ensures the super high quality of the cover layer and the backing layer, and does not need back cleaning, surface polishing, cleaning and polishing at all.

Through the "TIG deep penetration welding machine control system based on keyhole effect" and special welding gun, the high-efficiency deep penetration welding machine precisely calculates the material, thickness and process parameters of the welding object through the computer system, so as to realize the precise control of the welding process and realize the automation of welding operation. The welding parameters can be dynamically adjusted through the computer program,To ensure repeatable ultra-high welding quality.

High efficiency deep penetration arc welding system can save a lot of manpower, materials and energy for a variety of welding applications.It is very suitable for welding stainless steel, nickel base alloy, titanium alloy, zirconium alloy, cobalt alloy, white copper, etc.The processing of these expensive metals requires high weld quality and forming. High efficiency deep penetration arc welding can provide high welding quality and efficiency;At the same time, the advantages of quality, efficiency and cost in the welding of medium and heavy plate of low carbon steel and deep groove bottoming of thick plate are unmatched by other technologies at present.Therefore, it has more competitive advantages than traditional submerged arc welding and GMAW.

Function features of welding system of high solution deep welding machine

1. Welding automation.

2. The operation is simple, and the operators can operate independently after two days of training.

3. The welding speed is 5-10 times faster than that of TIG / GTAW.

4. Under a certain thickness, the welding workpiece does not need to be beveled, which can realize one-sided welding and two-sided forming. The weld is beautiful, the deformation is small, and the back does not need to be cleaned.

5. The back weld width is 2-3mm, and the front weld width is usually about 1.5 times of the plate thickness.

6. Single side welding and double side forming, convex weld can be realized without groove and welding material addition, and synchronous surface covering can be realized when necessary.

7. The tolerance rate of welding is high. Under a certain thickness, the gap and misalignment of welding workpiece can reach 2 mm.

8. Welding includes carbon alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, nickel base alloy, cobalt alloy, zirconium and other materials, which can ensure the extraordinary welding speed and quality.

9. The welding process is protected by argon.

10. High welding efficiency, low energy consumption and low equipment maintenance cost.

application area

1Petrochemical industry.

2, food and pharmaceutical industry.

3Water treatment industry.

4Power plants (including nuclear power industry).



7. pressure vessel


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