DM-PT4000 Plasma arc welding machine

PT4000 is a high-power plasma welding machine, equipped with high-power refrigeration water tank, high stability, high temperature environment can work for a long time, suitable for thick plate welding.

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High power plasma welding machine (PT4000)

Function configuration:

1Continuous pulse welding

2Continuous welding

Features of welding machine: 1. The power supply adopts high-speed DSP chip as the control core, and the whole welding process adopts waveform control, so the welding process is stable and the dynamic quality of power supply is excellent.The output is controlled accurately.2. Using IGBT soft switching technology, the switching stress of power devices is small, the service life is long, the power supply is efficient and energy-saving, and the power factor is high.3. Stable current output, wide regulation range, the current can be adjusted in 2-400a..4. High voltage design ensures smooth arc starting of welding machine.5. High voltage design ensures the stiffness and length of arc.6. The arcing current and base current are adjustable.7. Small dimension arc current can reduce the load of welding torch, and dimension arc current can be adjusted (2-20a).8. The rising and falling time of current is adjustable, and the gas delay time is adjustable.9. Multi group data storage, convenient storage, flexible call, convenient operation, reduce the requirements of welding technicians.10. Equipped with high-power refrigeration water tank, to meet the high temperature environment for a long time.11. The interface of the control panel is clear, and the operation is simple and intuitive.

Characteristics of plasma welding:

1) High arc energy and strong penetration.2) Long and thin arc column, thin workpiece without groove, shorten the preparation time.3) The quality of weld is not sensitive to the change of arc length, because the shape of plasma arc is close to cylinder.The divergence angle is very small (about 5 degrees) and the straightness is good. When the radian changes, the influence of the heating spot area is very small, so it is easy to obtain a uniform weld state.4) The speed is fast, which is 3-5 times of ordinary argon welding.5) With high energy density and strong arc directivity, stable keyhole effect can be produced, and good one-sided welding and two-sided forming can be obtained by keyhole effect.6) The arc column has good controllability and adjustability.7) Excellent repetitive production, electrode shrink in the nozzle, not easy to pollution and burn, long life.8) The tungsten electrode shrinks in the water-cooled nozzle and does not contact with the workpiece, so the phenomenon of tungsten inclusion in weld metal can be effectively avoided.In addition, good stirring property of arc and high temperature of molten pool are beneficial to the release of gas in molten pool.

Welding parameters




  Continuous soldering (at FFF intervals)       Pulse welding (when the interval is not FFF)
Welding current(A)


                            5-400                               5-400
Arc-inducing current (A)


                            5-400                               5-400
Dimensional arc current (A) 


                            1-20A                               1-20A
Arc closing current (A)


                            5-400                               5-400
Rise time (S)


                            0.1-5.0                               0.1-5.0
Descent time (S)


                            0.1-5.0                               0.1-5.0
Weld Time (ms)


                               No                               10-990
Interval time (ms)


                              FFF                               10-990
Protective gas advance (S)


                              0-5.0                                0-5.0
Protective gas delay (S)


                              1-20                                1-20




Product application

It is suitable for the welding of low carbon steel, high and low alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, copper, nickel and their alloys. It can meet the needs of precision welding and high-quality and efficient welding in chemical industry, pressure vessel industry, aerospace industry and ordnance industry.

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