DZF-LC401 Straight seam automatic plasma welding platform

Straight seam and longitudinal seam series tooling is mainly used for welding inner and outer longitudinal seam of medium and thin wall cylinder. It can be equipped with paw, TIG, MIG / MAG welding tooling.It is suitable for the welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and its alloy, titanium and its alloy, etc. it can be used for the welding of products such as food machinery, dyeing and finishing equipment, power switch bus tube, medical machinery, special chemical containers, power pipes, air conditioning unit shell, etc. the welding process is reliable and efficient, and the whole welding process is digitally controlled.

DZF series straight seam welding tooling is a professional automatic equipment for plate butt welding, which has the advantages of high degree of automation, excellent weld quality and high efficiency.

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Basic composition

The machine is composed of frame, cantilever beam, supporting shaft, piano key plate, centering mechanism, padlock, welding gun walking mechanism, welding gun clamping and adjusting mechanism, and electrical control system.Functional features:

The piano keys cooperate with the high-strength air bag to provide balanced piano key pressure on the whole length of the weld;The keys are inlaid with alloy copper with high hardness and high thermal conductivity to provide good heat dissipation effect;The relative distance of the key can be adjusted according to the welding material and its thickness;There is a backing on the back of the weld on the mandrel to speed up the cooling of the weld;The forming groove of the liner on the mandrel is designed according to the material to be welded and its thickness to achieve the best back forming effect;Using Mitsubishi PLC control, can realize a variety of action process;Using servo (stepping) motor, the welding speed is accurate and stable, and the adjustment range is wide;Automatic lifting of welding gun;Fine adjustment of welding torch up and down, left and right cross to accurately adjust the distance between welding torch and workpiece;The welding gun can rotate around the fixed rod to facilitate the replacement and adjustment of accessories;

Product application

It is suitable for the longitudinal seam butt joint of all kinds of medium and thin metal materials, and the longitudinal seam butt joint of cylinder. It can be used in the thin-wall metal processing and manufacturing industries such as hardware, household appliances, fire-fighting equipment, water heater, fan, container, etc.


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