Torch & Powder Feeder

  • Duomu powder feeder for PTAW & Laser Cladding

    Duomu powder feeder for PTAW & Laser Cladding

    The storage tank is used to store powder, transparent and convenient for observing the powder condition.

    There is a rotating nut at the powder feeding port, which can be manually tightened to remove the nut and add powder from here.

    Install a stepper motor at the powder unloading point to control the precise powder feeding during the working process. There is an on/off valve at the powder unloading port, which can be used to pour the remaining powder and reuse it.

    The observation window is set to be transparent, which can observe the direction of motor rotation and the remaining amount of powder. It can also be used to check whether the powder feeding device is normal.

  • Plasma torch 80A

    Plasma torch 80A

    This type of this torch we use imported raw materials and engineer-well

    This type of torch have been manufactured by precision alloy die casting of engineer-well equipment. All of there independent research and production.

  • Plasma torch 100A

    Plasma torch 100A

    This type of PTA welding torch is appeared through immersing in the study for several years.
    Due to the unique shape, it would reach the corner of which the normal one can’t do. Especially, it is very helpful for relief valve. Most strikingly, it is much more affordable compared with the one branded Euro. it is quite resolve the problem from the customers and unanimous praise since come out.

  • Affordable Plasma Transfer Arc Surfacing Torch 160

    Affordable Plasma Transfer Arc Surfacing Torch 160

    The plasma surfacing torch is the core component of the whole set of surfacing equipment. Various pipelines of water, electricity, gas and powder are collected on the gun body.Through it, a plasma arc with certain compression characteristics is generated, and the alloy powder is sent into the plasma arc column and welded on the workpiece.

  • Independently Research And Develop Plasma Surfacing Torch 300

    Independently Research And Develop Plasma Surfacing Torch 300

    Plasma arc is the torch makes gas to ionize to form an arc (also called compressed arc) between cathode and cold nozzle or between cathode and work piece.

    When the arc passes through the hole of the water-cooled nozzle, it is cooled by the cold air flow and the hole wall of the water-cooled nozzle. The cross-sectional area of the arc column is reduced due to increase the density of charged particles and the intensity of electric field through compression effect of thermal, mechanical and self-magnetic. This compressed arc is called plasma arc which has high temperature, heat concentration, good thermal stability and controllability.

  • Plasma torch 500A

    Plasma torch 500A

    This mode of plasma torch 500A is a large power rate torch. Generally speaking, it would be a configuration with the PTA welding plasma power supply 500A.