Laser Cladding System

  • Cutting picks automatic laser cladding equipment

    Cutting picks automatic laser cladding equipment

    Now China’s coal mining and tunneling mechanization is more and more popular, due to the thickness of mining coal seam has become high, the hardness of rock layer increased, shearer and roadheader cutting power is also increasing, with the supporting mining tackle consumption has also increased, the cost is also increased a lot. According to the investigation data analysis of the second team of a fully mechanized mining team of Yankuang Group, the annual cost of replacing the tooth tackle is about 100,000 yuan for the roof and bottom plates. From the repair process of the shearer and the roadheader, it is found that the main causes of the tackle damage are: tooth wear, blade loss, knife head fracture, etc., at the same time, if the tackle tooth welding is not accurate, the position and shape of the coal and liver stone are complicated, resulting in serious wear of the tackle.

  • Laser hardening robot

    Laser hardening robot

    Laser hardening tooth, short process term, heating and cooling swiftly, no need the media to do, tinny deformation, clean working environment , no need the fine processing.

  • Laser cladding equipment for hydraulic rod

    Laser cladding equipment for hydraulic rod

    Laser cladding technology applied to hydraulic support is a new surface modification technology in recent years, mainly for the hydraulic support column and piston rod surface surface reinforcement treatment. The application of laser cladding technology in hydraulic support column repair is described below.
    The working principle of laser cladding technology is, using high energy laser beam as a heat source, will have high hardness, good anticorrosion function of alloy powder, hydraulic support column and jack surface at the same time melting metallurgical reaction and has the function of wear resistance of laser cladding layer, so as to achieve the purpose of hydraulic support service life, compared with the traditional electroplating process, laser cladding technology has significant technical advantages.

  • Laser cladding of plane gantry

    Laser cladding of plane gantry

    Laser cladding technology is to use high energy laser beam (104-106w / cm2) to irradiation on the metal surface, synchronous melting, expansion and solidification, on the substrate surface with a layer of material with special physical, chemical or mechanical properties, thus forming a new dilution rate, very low alloy layer, compensate for the performance of the original substrate material, according to the product performance requirements, heat resistance, wear resistance, resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance or light, electric, magnetic properties of the surface layer. Laser cladding technology is a new technology with high benefit, which can prepare a high-performance alloy surface on the cheap metal substrate without affecting the essence of the matrix, reduce the cost, and save the precious and rare metal materials.