Cutting picks automatic laser cladding equipment

Now China’s coal mining and tunneling mechanization is more and more popular, due to the thickness of mining coal seam has become high, the hardness of rock layer increased, shearer and roadheader cutting power is also increasing, with the supporting mining tackle consumption has also increased, the cost is also increased a lot. According to the investigation data analysis of the second team of a fully mechanized mining team of Yankuang Group, the annual cost of replacing the tooth tackle is about 100,000 yuan for the roof and bottom plates. From the repair process of the shearer and the roadheader, it is found that the main causes of the tackle damage are: tooth wear, blade loss, knife head fracture, etc., at the same time, if the tackle tooth welding is not accurate, the position and shape of the coal and liver stone are complicated, resulting in serious wear of the tackle.

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After using the laser cladding technology, the average tooth cut microhardness is HV800, and the Rockwell hardness is about HRC65. Compared with ordinary tackle, the laser has no spark when cladding tackle and coal seam contact, and the wear resistance, fatigue resistance strength and shear resistance are greatly improved. It not only reduces the tooth replacement and maintenance time, improves the production efficiency, but also saves a lot of funds, reduces the cost, and increases the income. Laser cladding technology as an emerging treatment technology, advanced technology, cladding parts after the stable, reliable, lasting, therefore, in the coal machine manufacturing industry should be vigorously promoted and adopt laser cladding technology.

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