DNC2000 Planar plasma surfacing system

This set of PTA welding automatic system composed of three parts, included plasma power supply, control console and tooling, mainly for the PTA welding the work piece in shape of flat, such as blade, harvest bade, hammer mill blade, brake valve, gate valve, valve plate and so on.

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Basic Introduction

The plasma power supply is the knock-out product of our company with a bunch of the patent certificates, especially with the CE certificates from Austria. The design is humanize which the colour would be customized as you wish. Except for this, it would be with the communication with tooling. The cooling system located inside is for plasma torch, which the panel would dead lock and the plasma power supply halt when some faults happened that keep our safe substantially.

The tooling is manufactured by ourselves as well. It has done according to ergonomic design
The excellent material is applied, which make sure it is durable service and well-engineered. such as the guide slide, driver, actuator. Of course, it would be updated as your requirement. It is very friendly use as well as concise design.

The control console is a terse design which the electricity cabinet built inside. And the control soft would be optional, such as the CNC or PLC, or it would be compatible with both of them. It is very friendly use. Only you would input the programming, it would be running by itself that eases greatly the intense labor.

In summarize, the whole looks tidy and pleased, less occupied space and high performance and high yield, save the amount of powder, diminish the cost of human resource. Here are a great deal of favorable comments on this set of PTA welding automatic system. Most of our customers are add-on purchase quarter or annual.

Equipment features

The walking mechanism is driven by imported linear guide rail, precision worm gear reducer and stepping motor, with small transmission clearance, high rigidity, stable and reliable operation and convenient integration.

High degree of automation, welding process automation.

The results show that the alloy layer is metallurgical bonding with the workpiece substrate, and the bonding strength is high;

The surfacing speed is fast and the dilution rate is low;The dilution ratio of powder plasma arc surfacing can be controlled within 5% - 10% or less.

The surfacing layer has compact structure and beautiful appearance;The surfacing process is easy to realize efficient automatic production, improve labor productivity and reduce labor intensity.

Applicable products

It is suitable for surfacing and surface repair of plane products.

Configuration items Model and brand Description of main parameters Configuration items Model and brand Description of main parameters
Transverse fixed arm suspension beam Research and control stepping motor Effective stroke 1900mm Arc voltage tracking Multi wood integration  
Welding torch lifting mechanism Research and control stepping motor Effective stroke 150 mm Current communication 485 communication  
Walking base Research and control stepping motor Effective stroke 2300mm Working platform customized  
Console Two axis CNC system programming, equipped with hand-held button control box.
Reference footprint It is 3600 mm long, 3400 mm wide and 1900 mm high.


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