DH6-LC501-B06 Automatic cladding system of screw brick machine


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Equipment features

The whole machine is driven by imported linear guide rail, precision worm gear reducer and stepping motor, with small transmission clearance, high rigidity, stable and reliable operation and convenient integration.

The unique middle through hole design of hbt-600 through hole welding positioner adapts to the overlaying welding operation of inner and outer circles of various super long shaft parts. The servo motor drives the slewing bearing to realize the precision transmission of the spindle, with small clearance, high rotation accuracy and convenient control.

CNC and PLC dual system control, five axis linkage, can meet all kinds of products

Applicable products

It is suitable for surfacing and repairing of wear-resistant layer of general shaft parts and pipe parts.It can also be used for surfacing and repairing of disc and special-shaped parts.


Application case

The special plasma surfacing machine for spiral reamer is mainly used for coating surfacing on reamer blades of brick factory, and can also be used for surfacing on the end faces of other spiral parts, shafts and circles.

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