Affordable Plasma Transfer Arc Surfacing Torch 160

The plasma surfacing torch is the core component of the whole set of surfacing equipment. Various pipelines of water, electricity, gas and powder are collected on the gun body.Through it, a plasma arc with certain compression characteristics is generated, and the alloy powder is sent into the plasma arc column and welded on the workpiece.

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The performance of the surfacing gun greatly affects the deposition rate, powder utilization rate, surfacing layer quality and process stability 160A plasma surfacing gun consists of three parts: upper gun body, lower gun body and insulator. Among them, the upper gun body is used to fix and install the tungsten electrode, and connect the water and electric connectors; the lower gun body is used to fix and install the nozzle, and constitute the water cooling cavity of the nozzle, and connect the joints of the water, electricity, gas, and powder pipelines; the insulator ensures that the upper and lower Insulate the gun body and connect and fix the upper and lower gun body . Among them, the protective gas of the gun body completes the gas diffusion inside the gun body to form a uniform protection; the powder feeding pipeline is independently embedded in the gun body to better realize the independence and smoothness of the powder feeding system. 160A plasma surfacing gun is a general-purpose plasma powder surfacing gun independently developed and produced by our company.

The gun body is made of one piece of die-casting, which has better insulation and sealing. It has good stability and safety during the surfacing process. High performance, high surfacing welding efficiency, good quality after welding, long service life of the nozzle, convenient operation, easy to replace, small and flexible, manual, semi-automatic, and automatic welding can be used.

The exploded view of the plasma surfacing gun is as follows: rear cap , tungsten pole clamp, tungsten pole, gun body, protective gas apron, powder hole apron, water hole apron, centering ring, nozzle, locking ring, protective cover.

Product Parameters

Mode PT16013-HQ
Main Arc Water-electricity  integration
Tungsten electrode-Workpiece Negative-Positive 
Mode of Tugsten  3.2
Arc Voltage 90V
Welding Current 3-160A 80% temporary load rate
Pilot Arc Water-electricity integration 
Tungsten-Nozzle Negative-Positive
Pilot Arc Current 3-20A 100%  Temporary load rate 
Mode Powder feeding Aggregate
Volume Powder feeding  Max. 50g/Min
Gas Powder feeding  1.0-3.0L/min
Type Powder  Alloy Powder 
Size Powder  70-200um
Passage Powder feeding  Single gas passage
Cooling  Circular cooling 
Ion gas  0.5-6L/min
Shield gas  5-25L/min
Nozzle Cooling Water cooling directly 
Diameter Nozzle  2.8 mm
Length Cable  4 m (customized avaiable)


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