Independently Research And Develop Plasma Surfacing Torch 300

Plasma arc is the torch makes gas to ionize to form an arc (also called compressed arc) between cathode and cold nozzle or between cathode and work piece.

When the arc passes through the hole of the water-cooled nozzle, it is cooled by the cold air flow and the hole wall of the water-cooled nozzle. The cross-sectional area of the arc column is reduced due to increase the density of charged particles and the intensity of electric field through compression effect of thermal, mechanical and self-magnetic. This compressed arc is called plasma arc which has high temperature, heat concentration, good thermal stability and controllability.

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Equipment features

The plasma surfacing torch 300A is decomposed as follows: back cap, tungsten electrode clip, tungsten electrode, torch body, shield gas ring, powder hole ring, water hole ring, central ring, nozzle, locking ring, shielding cover.

Nozzle:The core of the PTA welding torch The powder feeding hole is interspersed inside the nozzle, so that the powder can be fed into the plasma arc without interference, so as to complete the powder cladding.

The channel of circulating cooling water is opened on the nozzle, so that the nozzle is effectively cooled, and the temperature of the nozzle hole wall is reduced, and the gas with a certain pressure entering the spray gun air chamber is closer to the hole wall, and its ionization degree is lower, and it is different from the hole wall. The close cold gas layer is basically not ionized, but becomes a neutral gas, so that a circle of insulating and heat-insulating neutral gas flow layer is formed between the arc and the hole wall, and the arc current is forced to concentrate on the central part of the gas ionization degree. , the shrinkage of the arc Central ring:Keep the center hole of the copper nozzle concentric with the tungsten electrode.

Product Parameters

Mode DJPT30018-HQ
Main Arc Water-electricity  integration
Tungsten electrode-Workpiece Negative-Positive
Mode of Tugsten 4.8
Arc Voltage 90V
Welding Current 30-300A 80% temporary load rate
Pilot Arc Water-electricity integration
Tungsten-Nozzle Negative-Positive
Pilot Arc Current 3-20A 100%  Temporary load rate
Mode Powder feeding Aggregate
Volume Powder feeding Max. 150g/Min
Gas Powder feeding 1.0-3.0L/min
Type Powder Alloy Powder
Size Powder 70-200um
Passage Powder feeding Duble gas passage
Cooling Circular cooling
Ion gas 0.5-6L/min
Shield gas 5-25L/min
Nozzle Cooling Water cooling directly
Diameter Nozzle 3.0-5.0 mm
Length Cable 5 m (customized avaiable)


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