All-digital Intelligent Precision Replacement Welding Equipment HRWS-3160

Small heat affected zone. No need for preheating treatment, no annealing of the workpiece after welding. No deformation and collapsed edge. No porosity and sand holes. Accurate and precise welding of small and precise geometrical zones with the finest wires up to 0.1-0.2 mm, easy to use and flexible, direct on-site repair, eliminating the need for costly separation of the workpiece or repair part. It can be used to repair cracks, chips, corners, sand holes and after wear and tear.

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Equipment features

Adopting high-performance processor control, with soft absorption technology to control more accurately. Commonly used parameters experience value inherent storage, eliminating the experience accumulation process. High-speed pulse welding greatly improves the repair efficiency. 99 groups of data powerful storage function, not only to store the working parameters, but also including the working mode state. Any ideal working parameters can be stored and recalled at any time.

Product Parameter


Input Power AC220V
Rated output power 4KVA
Maximum unloaded output voltage 65V
Current output range 1-200A
Pulse time 1-500ms
Continuous pulse interval 200-1800ms
Gas extension time 9ms
High-speed pulse gear 1-10

Product application

01Mould Industry
Solve the mould welding problems can easily solve the large mould precision parts (argon arc welding precision can not reach / laser welding efficiency is low, the hardness is soft, etc.) welding problems. Plastic mould: no deformation, no biting edge, no air holes after welding of precision parts, and small machining allowance in the later stage. Hot work moulds: such as die-casting, hot forging moulds, etc., without preheating and heat preservation, can be directly welded, after welding to achieve the ideal effect of mould repair. Cold and hot stamping moulds: no annealing after welding, no deformation and no cracking, even the sharp part of the tip can be easily welded.

02 Foundry industry
Fast and accurate repair of defects on grey iron, ductile iron, stainless steel and other defects excellent repair welding speed, welding after the colour difference is small or no colour difference. It is recognised that it is more difficult to repair the machine tool track has also been an ideal solution.

03 work spare parts after welding can be tested by the flaw detection of shafts, rolls, teeth, cylinders, piston rods and other workpieces can be perfectly repaired!

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