TIG welder for Aluminium——DFC-WSME550

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TWS three-frequency composite current control technology

The deep dissolution effect of super electric arc compression capacity is obvious

K H Z High-frequency welding

Arc welding with high-frequency oscillation

High-quality welding

Form control way, realize the variety of welding characteristic arc output, to meet different welding requirements.

μs-level response, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the arc high-speed conversion output

Highly integrated inverter chopper module

Autoweld communication settings:

Analog communication: can be configured with analog / discrete analog input and output function welding robot or welding machine.

485 digital communication: Stronger digital transmission capability, longer transmission distance.

Equipment features

Triple-waveform superposition welding

A new AC welding waveform control mode, through the base frequency, carrier frequency and characteristic frequency,

1.Arc compression strength, large melting depth, different deep dissolution effect

2.Arc oscillation stirring force can be set with different cleaning ability effects

3.High-efficiency improvement of the welding speed

4.Oxidation film crushing and cleaning ability is strong, and the welding path forming is beautiful

5.High-quality welding effect

KHZ high-frequency welding, high-frequency vibration of the molten pool,enhanced stirring ability, and significantly improved welding quality.

High frequency welding, enhanced electromagnetic compression ability,enhanced arc stiffness, and significantly improved welding penetration

AC waveform controls new height —— TWS, new technology of waveform superposition

1.Selective combination waveform output,surpassing single waveform output in performance.

2.Microsecond level dynamic response speed ensures waveform superposition output

3.Adapt to the welding of different materials

Technical features of DFC shear transformer welding machine

High-level dynamic chopper technology

A bridge power transistor group can achieve polarity conversion and current regulation.

High-speed current detection and control technology

Dynamic transformation between the current limit values responds to the microsecond level

High-reliability power conversion technology

The newly developed frequency conversion chopping module perfectly solves the problem of heat dissipation and absorption, and meets the high-speed conversion output of high current and high power

Multiple protection, cross-failure protection

Multiple protection of the power bridge body, even if one electric

Damage to the flow sensor also does not cause the current to get out of control.

Structural characteristics of DFC shear transformer welding machine

The variable frequency chopper module is highly integrated

1.Multiple power tube set and electrolytic capacitor are used to form the bridge inverter circuit, and the power tube set has both changing direction and current regulation。

2.Function, the DC current into different kinds of AC-DC waveform output.

3.Single bridge road adopts different kinds of power tubes and using the different frequency characteristics of different kinds of power tubes.

4.Perfect solution to the problem of heat dissipation and absorption. Adopt packaging mode, packaging process, to achieve both dust and moisture prevention and heat dissipation.




Standard welding

Deep penetration welding

Pulse welding


Welding current(A)




Main frequency (HZ)


Base current (%)

10- 120 %

10- 100 %

10- 120 %

Carrier frequency(HZ)


Input voltage(V)

three phase380V,50HZalternating current

Characteristic frequency (KHZ)


Duty cycle



Rated input power capacity


Insulation class






DFC-WSME550 Welding functional configuration:


Welding method


Adaptive material



Stable arc and good bead formation

Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, titanium alloy, etc.


High pulse frequency, small heat input, small welding deformation, suitable for thin plate welding

Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, titanium alloy, etc.

Deep meltingTIG

High arc stiffness, large welding penetration and fast welding speed

Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, titanium alloy, etc.


Comminicate TIG

Arc stabilization

Aluminum and its alloys, nine-nickel steel, copper and its alloys

Deep melting TIG

Stable arc, strong arc compression, high stiffness, large welding penetration and fast welding speed

Aluminum and its alloys, magnesium alloys, nine-nickel steel, copper and its alloys

Pulse TIG

The welding heat input is small, the molten pool is strong, and the weld bead is formed beautifully

Aluminum and its alloys, magnesium alloys, nine-nickel steel, copper and its alloys, aluminum bronze and other materials

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