high integration, integrated plasma powder welding machine (dml-v03bd)

Dml-v03bd is a highly integrated high-power plasma powder welding machine, which integrates plasma arc power supply, host power supply, high-power refrigeration water tank and powder feeding controller, with programmed linkage control.It is convenient and flexible to use.

Product Detail

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1.DSP digital processing technology is adopted, with high speed and precise control.

2.Unique digital inverter technology, stable current output, wide adjustment range.

3.High voltage design ensures smooth arc starting of welding machine.

4.High voltage design ensures the stiffness and length of arc.

5.Arc starting current and base value current are adjustable.

6.The arc current is adjustable (2-20a).

7.The rising and falling time of current is adjustable, and the gas delay time is adjustable.

8.The data storage module can store welding data in multiple channels, which is convenient to store and flexible to call.

9.Digital communication port, can realize remote control of welding (optional).

Advantages of plasma surfacing

1.The results show that the cladding alloy layer is metallurgical bonding with the workpiece substrate, and the bonding strength is high;

2.The cladding speed is fast and the dilution rate is low;

3.The surfacing layer has compact structure and beautiful appearance;

4.It can directly carry out plasma surfacing on the surface of corroded and greasy metal parts without complicated pretreatment process;

5.The surfacing process is easy to realize mechanization and automation;

6.Compared with other plasma spray welding, the equipment is simple in structure, energy saving, easy to operate, and easy to maintain

Equipment features

1.Highly integrated: main arc power supply, dimension arc power supply, powder feeding control system and refrigeration system are highly integrated.

2.High power refrigeration: up to 2p refrigeration system, to meet the system's long-time, high load work cooling needs.

3.Integrated design, programmed control, convenient and flexible operation.

4.Automatic powder feeding, manual powder feeding, advanced powder feeding and delayed powder feeding can be selected flexibly.

5.The integrated design simplifies and optimizes the layout and connection of all parts of the equipment to reduce the failure rate.

6.Equipped with die-casting high-power stack welding gun.

Welding parameters

Main technical parameters and models


Pulse welding

Continuous welding

Dimensional arc current (a) 3-20 3-20
Welding current (a) 2-300 2-300
Base current (a) 2-300 2-300
Current rise time (s) 0.0-5.0 0.0-5.0
Current drop time (s) 0.0-5.0 0.0-5.0
Pulse welding time (MS) 1-999  
Welding interval (MS) 10-990  
Gas protection time (s) 1-20 1-20
Input voltage (V)

Three phase 380V, 50Hz AC

Rated input power capacity (kVA)


Refrigerating capacity (W)


Load duration (%)


Rated flow of cooling water M³/h


Rated lift of cooling water M


Weight (kg)


Overall dimension (mm)


Product application

1.Steel, coal industry: cold (hot) roll, middle groove, wear-resistant plate, pick, etc.

2.Electric power, cement industry: steam turbine blades, grinding roller, etc.

3.Petroleum and chemical industry: surfacing of drill pipe, drill bit, valve, etc.

4.Construction machinery, mining machinery industry: rotary digging teeth of shield machine, roller sprocket, excavator bucket teeth, crawler shoes, etc.

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