1.Exhibition Overview

(Metalworking.Welding-Ural)Russia, 12-15 March 2024 in Ekaterinburg, Russia, is organised by the largest exhibition company in the Urals and Volga Federal District, Russia.

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The exhibition attracts exhibitors from Russia, China, Turkey and Belarus every year and showcases modern technologies and equipment for machine building, metal working industry and welding production. The wide range of exhibits includes metal working equipment, welding equipment and materials, control and measuring equipment and much more. 

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The Urals is one of the most important industrial regions in Russia, and the exhibition attracts a large number of related companies every year, and is a platform for companies to demonstrate their strength and expand their business. The exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for enterprises to establish new partnerships and consolidate existing ones.

2.Development and communication

In this Ural Metalworking and Welding Exhibition, Shanghai Duomu not only displayed the company's advanced metal processing and welding equipment, but also carried out a professional technical team on-site to provide customers with technical advice and product demonstration services. 

The deputy general manager made a speech at the exhibition

Through face-to-face communication and interaction with customers, Shanghai Duomu's team fully demonstrated the company's strong technical strength and professional service capabilities, and won a wide range of praise from customers.

Shanghai Duomu attaches great importance to the co-operation and exchange with international customers. The company hopes to take advantage of the exhibition as a platform to establish closer cooperation with Russian and global metal processing and welding enterprises. Shanghai Duomu is willing to share the advanced technology and management experience with partners, and jointly develop the international market to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation. At the same time, Shanghai Duomu also hope that through the exchange and learning with international counterparts, to further improve their own technical level and service ability, to provide global customers with more high-quality and efficient products and services.

3.Collaborative ——Exchanges—— Win-win

As a high-tech enterprise with global vision, Shanghai Duomu has always adhered to the development concept of innovation-driven, science and technology-led, and constantly develops and launches industry-leading products and solutions to help customers improve quality and efficiency, transformation and upgrading. This exhibition, Shanghai Duomu hopes to communicate with Russian and even global metal processing and welding enterprises, share advanced technology and practical experience, and jointly promote the technological progress and sustainable development of the industry. Shanghai Duomu has always been adhering to the development concept of open cooperation and mutual benefit and win-win situation. In the future, the company will continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation with international partners, actively participate in the international market competition, and continuously expand overseas business to enhance the company's international influence and competitiveness, and contribute to the development of the global metal processing and welding industry.

Post time: Mar-29-2024