Coaxial Powder Feeding Laser Cladding

Coaxial powder feeding laser cladding technology generally adopts semiconductor fibre output laser and disc-type air-carrying powder feeder, the cladding head adopts the circular spot scheme with the light coming from the centre, and the beam is surrounded by circular powder feeding or multi-beam powder feeding, and set up by the special protective gas channel, the powder beam, the light beam and the protective gas flow intersect at one point. The focal point of the melting work will form a molten pool, with the melting head and the relative movement of the workpiece, the formation of cladding on the surface of the workpiece.

Coaxial Powder Feeding Laser Cladding↑

Coaxial Powder Feeding Laser Cladding↑

Coaxial powder feeding laser melting technology features:

1.High degree of freedom and easy automation. Because of its melting to any direction can be obtained when moving in any direction of the same shape, the same quality of the cladding layer, so there is no restriction on the direction of the melting, with industrial robots or multi-axis motion machine tools can be any path or any shape of the parts of the surface of the melting, as a 3D printing print head, can be coaxial laser powder 3D printing.

2.Good inert gas protection in the fusion pool. There is a special inert gas flow channel set up in the fusion head, and the fusion pool is in a good local inert gas atmosphere during the fusion process.

3.small fusion pool, powder heating uniformity, good crack resistance of the cladding layer. The spot size of coaxial powder feeding laser cladding is generally ∮1- ∮5mm, the powder and the beam are in uniform contact, the heat transfer in the cladding process is more uniform, so the cladding layer has good crack resistance.

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Post time: Dec-29-2023