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Overview of Exhibition Information
Wenzhou Valve Exhibition

2023 5th Longwan China Valve City International Valve Exhibition

Time: May 27-29

Booth No:B575-576 

Venue: Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center (Yongding Road, Longwan District)

Beijing Petroleum Exhibition

2023 International Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Time: May 31-June 2

Booth No:W3536 

Venue: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Pavilion)

Guiyang Energy Exhibition

2023 Guizhou International Energy Industry Expo and Trade Fair

Time:May 18-20

Booth No:T711

Venue: Guizhou Guiyang International Conference and Exhibition Center

Wenzhou Valve Exhibition
Long Wan (Valve City of China)
Fifth International Valve Exhibition

05.27-29 2023 Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center

Shanghai Duomu Industry Co.,Ltd.

Booth No:B575-576

Address:Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center  (Yongding Road, Longwan District)

    China Valve City is located in Longwan District, East Gate of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. Wenzhou Longwan International Airport is located in Longwan Area, which is adjacent to the East China Sea and boasts deepwater harbor terminals. The area is characterized by geographical location and convenient transportation. There are more than 2000 types and models of valves in the whole area, with 30,000 product specifications. Many product technologies fill the gaps at home and abroad. Our industry has a team of state-level experts and 5 experts who enjoy subsidies granted by the State Council. There are 2 deputy chairman units, 2 executive board units and 50 member units of National Valve Association. Among 53 domestic petrochemical and petroleum fixed-point valve manufacturers, 7 are Longwan Valve Enterprises and 35 are state-level high-tech enterprises. Since its inception, Longwan Valve Show has attracted the attention of many merchants and purchasers. The exhibition focuses on the innovation vitality and technical strength of Longwan Valve Enterprise, which not only provides a platform for valve enterprises to display products and brand image; At the same time, it also establishes an exchange platform for the outside to fully understand the Longwan valve industry, which is of great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance in introducing advanced technology and high-end talents and further enhancing the brand influence of regional valve cities in China.

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Guizhou Energy Exhibition
2023 Guizhou International Energy Industry Expo and Trade Fair, China

5.27-30 2023 Guiyang International Conference and Exhibition Center

Shanghai Duomu Industry Co.,Ltd.

Booth No:W3536

Address:Guizhou Guiyang International Conference and Exhibition Center

2023 China Guizhou International Energy Industry Expo and Trade Fair is scheduled to be held in Guiyang International Conference and Exhibition Center from June 18 to 20, 2023. In the meantime, various related peak forums and special presentations will be held. Through the form of “convention + exhibition”, the relevant national industry authorities, academicians of both academies, experts and scholars, scientific research institutes and colleges will be invited closely around the goal of “30.60 carbon dioxide”. Leaders and experts from leading enterprises come to colorful Guizhou Province to gather in refreshing Guiyang, discuss major energy development plans and work together for a new chapter in energy cooperation, so as to create a powerful industry event gathering ideas, wisdom collision and inspiration in internationally and domestically renowned energy industry fields.

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