Hello everyone, today we will talk about the main types of PTA welding machines.  

PTA welding machines are important tools in the welding industry, and understanding the different types can help you choose the right product for your specific needs. Stay tuned as we dive into the technical aspects of PTA welding machines and explore the different categories available.

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Welding equipment is the equipment needed to achieve the welding process.

Welding equipment includes welding machines, welding process equipment and welding aids.

The main types of welding equipment are electric welding machines, flame welding equipment and other welding equipment. The main one is electric welding machine, which includes the following types:

(1) electric arc welding machine, which is subdivided into manual arc welding machine (arc welding transformer, arc welding rectifier and arc welding generator), submerged arc welding machine and gas-shielded arc welding machine (non-fused electrode gas-shielded welding machine and fused electrode gas-shielded welding machine).

(2) Resistance welding machine, which is divided into spot welding machine, projection welding machine, seam welding machine and butt welding machine.

(3) Other electric welding machines, such as electroslag welding machine, plasma arc welding machine, high-frequency welding machine, electron beam welding machine, beam welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine, friction welding machine, cold press welder, brazing machine and so on.

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