Column & boom welding machines have been one of the most in demand welding machines. They’re popular because of the advantages and benefits they give welders.

How well do you know your column & boom welding machines?

This complete guide about column & boom welding manipulators will help you with all the knowledge you need! You’ll know everything about them!

Apart from that, we’ll also give you the best tips on where you should look to get the best machines!

Without further ado, let’s get on to the guide!

What is a Column & Boom Machine?

It’s’ a kind of a welding manipulator that can help you with many types of welding.

Column & Boom welding Machine↑

The boom is the welding arm or the welding extension hand. It reaches far places off of the workpiece, helping welders achieve complex welds easily.

The column is a machine where the boom can travel up and down, which is planted on the ground.

You can choose to use them for workpieces that are hard to large, hard to reach, and the like.

Here’s a quick video of what a column & boom welding machine is:

Column and boom welding operator ↑

Post time: Dec-12-2023