Cheap And Serviceable Rubble Ring For Plasma Torch

The rubber ring made of silicone loop it is superior to the ordinary rubble ring for sealing.

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Excellent weather resistance

Here is not aging phenomenon, such as for direct sunlight temperature change, expose to the rain and wind and come out the colour fading, colour changing, cracking and so on. Ultraviolet ray is the main factor of accelerating age. Because the silicone is stable for ozone and ultraviolet.

Safe and environmental protection

The silicone loop has its inertia, non-toxic, tasteless and odorless

Good insulation

This type of rubble ring for PTA welding torch has an electrical insulation property. It has a super insulativity and not any leaking.

Heat resistance

It accords with the national standard

●Great flexibility and elasticity

●Exceptional resistance to ozone and oxide erosion

●Magnificent resistance to neutral solvents

●Premium heat insulation and heat dissipation

Less interference from the external environment, so it is the most ideal waterproof, sealing material.

To sum up, it would make the PTA welding torch would running well and do the operator be in the secure environment to working. The eminent quality spare parts ensure the PTA welding torch admirable performance and structural durability. It is for our customers to be easily accessible with it, we supply it directly with fine package so that there is no damage in transportation.

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